I was desperately seeking effective help for my daughter…

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“I contacted Andrew Sercombe through recommendation by a friend of a friend, when I was desperately seeking effective help for my daughter who was finding life very difficult and whose confidence was on the floor after several conventional ‘talking therapies’ had not been at all helpful to her. After talking to him at length over the phone I was able to face the fact that I was at breaking point and decided to come to see him myself in a series of 4 long one-to-one coaching sessions. He has been fantastic and enabled me (and her) to move forward, healing our relationship along the way.

“Andrew has boundless patience, energy and formidable skill. Through his coaching I now understand her and myself much more completely, my blind spots, assumptions and core beliefs as well as their impact on others. He is amazing on language and how specific words and expressions can derail  what we are trying to say – I have lost count of the number of ways his coaching has made me see how I can say what I want to say. Each time I came away with so much to think about.

“I live what I have worked on with Andrew, it has affected all areas of my life. He has restored me to look forward and grow, from the ‘me’ who came to him stuck in a pattern driven by fear. I reflect on what we talked about whenever I am struggling with something or simply finding it difficult to put my finger on what is going on, and always find something relevant.”