TPC Outline Programme

The Powerchange Course Outline Programme

Each Unit is two hours of training and focuses on one theme, with time for learning, experiment and play. We use our own ‘coaching’ style of presentation, which is interactive and often entertaining, with generous fountains of motivational inspiration. It also enables people to learn fast and deep.

Each Unit focuses on one theme, with time for learning, experiment and play. We use our own coaching style of presentation, which is interactive and often entertaining.  You are invited to join this unique life-enhancing course.

Unit 1. Start Here

Just as we have to start a journey from where we are, so the key to honest personal development is to find out where you are now as a person. Start Here identifies what’s going on in your world and how you can benefit from it.

 Unit 2. Equip Yourself

We look at six essential ingredients of emotional well-being. These six power your whole life and affect everything you do.  Without them people can get very sick.  With them in balance life is motivating, attractive and happy.

 Unit 3. Redraw your Boundaries

Redraw your Boundaries enables delegates to identify, define, and adjust the boundaries they have. Who or what defines your boundaries? You can remove boundaries that do not serve you well. Includes some of the latest ideas about what boundaries are and how we use them. 

 Unit 4. Repair Relationships

Unit 4 is about spring-cleaning your own personal space so you are proud of yourself – and others can be proud of you too. We include elements of the Powerchange Relationship Repair Kit and show you how to refresh your life for the future. 

 Unit 5. Develop your Strength

Surprisingly for some, levels of strength and weakness, and confidence and self-esteem, have a lot to do with issues surrounding bullying and assertiveness, courage and achievement. We show you how to sort out experiences of injustice and anger in yourself and others. 

 Unit 6. Connect Well

At the centre of all relationships, both in business and personally, is good communication.  In Connect Well you will be introduced to a simple to grasp, fun to use method of understanding how the connections you make work, and how your new knowledge can help you improve them.

 Unit 7. Make Good Decisions

How do you make decisions? How do you handle risk? Hesitant, procrastinating or rash? This session is motivating and powerful, helping participants to move out of their comfort zone without compromising too much of their safety. We introduce our neat motivation tool, Hat Over The Wall.  

 Unit 8. Overcome

The unit about fear and courage, motivation and limiting beliefs.  Dealing with so-called insurmountable barriers.  It’s great when they are gone. 

 Unit 9. Lead the Way

Lead the Way considers leadership, how people influence each other, what leadership is about, personal leadership and leading others. We consider the benefits of collaboration, and the Triple-Win principle.

 Unit 10. Liberate your Future

A dose of freedom! This session will get you thinking, and thinking differently, about your future.  It is designed to inspire you and offer new insights about who you want to be, how you want to live and what you want to achieve. 

All part of the Powerchange Personal Development Service.