Management and Leadership

“Confident Leadership” Sample Four-Day Management Training


To introduce leaders and managers to some of the latest skills, knowledge and techniques now available for personal change management and lasting influence, and how they work.

Available as group or individual coaching we suggest one day a month for four months.

Please note that all our company training and consultancy is bespoke. This sample training provides you with a four day option.

Day 1. Foundational Power: secrets of influence
Introduction to the programme
How powerful opinions and attitudes are formed, maintained and changed: an overview
Learning to identify hidden beliefs and belief systems
Cognitive distortion – how hidden thinking affects behaviour
The practical significance of linguistics in an environment of change
The Map of Human Influence as a model for increasing effectiveness
Review and integration of the day

Day 2. Building the Bridge: secrets of connection
Building powerful bridges of communication for change
Dead people speak – new light on non-verbal communication
The Powerchange® C.A.F.E. Communication Styles
How they work, their purpose, and how to use them
Levering up interpersonal collaboration
Review and integration of the day

Day 3. Outside, Inside: secrets of personal strength
The Powerchangertm and its effects
Accessing hidden resources in yourself and others
Managing boundaries, responsibility, control, and stress
Active State Management how to identify and change a psychological state
The structure of cognitive damage and its repair
Review and integration of the day

Day 4. Making it work: secrets of performance
The use of goals, questions, playfulness and commitment in lasting behavioural change
An introduction to the Powerchange Coaching System
Using the System
Catch up on any run-over
Review and Integration of the course