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Sales Booster Buyer’s Checklist


Sales Booster Buyer’s Checklist is a single-page list of 91 different positive and negative points to think about in developing your sales skills. Some are so obvious you can completely miss them and lose the sale. What do your customers and clients prefer? Get the information you need to boost and develop your sales skills.

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Sales Booster Buyer’s Checklist is a simple, single-page  ‘discussion’ checklist of 91 items to help refine and develop your business. It makes the purchasing process personal, which it is, pretty much every time. So download it now.

Three sales categories to work on – Product, Process, and Person. Look through the various categories and ask yourself “How am I doing on this one?”  Or chat it through with a friend.  Don’t be surprised if you change.  Maybe a lot.

  • What do people ACTUALLY prefer to buy?  Who do they prefer to buy FROM? And HOW? So what would help them buy from YOU?
  • And of course the product may be your sales skills, at an interview for a job.
  • And maybe you are wondering how it is people don’t like you much.

You can learn from this simple sales checklist so your clients know you are thinking about the purchase from the their perspective and they want to buy from you. It is easy to get bogged down in your own thinking patterns when it comes to sales – I’ve seen it hundreds of times – and that lack of awareness actually stops people buying from you!  The chances are they don’t buy what you think, so how can you help your potential customers buy from you and make it a pleasure for them to do so?  Maybe some more sales communication skills?


If you get stuck you can always email me for help:  I’m here to improve your world, family, and business.

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