“I didn’t walk out!”

E is a ‘Care Leaver’, a 19 year old girl (English is her second language) leaving foster care.  I saw her for five sessions of about two hours each. Five months later she sent this [edited as shown] email:

Dear Andrew

I’m writing to let you know how the sessions with you have changed my life in a completely different way. 

Working with you made me realise that I am a 10/10 [see below] and has built my confidence majorly. 

Talking to you is like talking to someone you have known for years, very good environment and feel safe all the time I have had sessions with you.  

Within the time we have stopped having sessions my life has changed dramatically you’ve made me [view] life in a completely different way, a way I didn’t even know existed ! 

Before I started sessions with you, I was miserable in a horrible dark place ! Even suicidal As you, yourself know, I have to admit it took time and didn’t go over night what I advice people my self. 

I’ve also found that working with you I’ve helped other people with the things you have taught me which I am very pleased with! I’ve helped my sister too she’s in a much better place now! 

Your books that you gave me are amazing and I have to say I gave them too [sic] my sister to read as well and she is working on them now! They are a big big change!

I’m so grateful for the time I spent with you and I didn’t walk out as there have been many as you know that I have worked with in the past and didn’t go well and I ended up walking out as they did me no good! 

To anyone that asks they always say “oh is it like counselling” I say a big fat NO as it is nothing like counselling, you change people’s life’s show them how they can few [view] life and you don’t force them to make them think it in a day you have a lot off patients.

Again I’m so grateful since have sessions with you I’ve now got my self a job and finally my driving license which I thought could never happen! I’m so much happier at home!

Can’t thank you enough! 

Hope you are doing well!

Take care!