Coach’s Comment:

Sarah booked an afternoon with Powerchange. She felt something wasn’t quite ‘right’ and didn’t know what.  Neither did she know how to find it.

We did a ‘LifeScan’ of her background, chatting through together various experiences she had had, and towards the end of the appointment we used some powerful Auto-Response Psychology to ‘rewire’ the way she had been thinking.

As her testimonial shows, it worked. Six months later she continues to be very different, enjoying the benefit of the single appointment, and her business continues to grow.

An afternoon well spent.

The self-doubt has gone

Client Sarah Matthews told us:

“People tell me I come across as being full of confidence – but that’s because I’m good at putting on an act …. or I was. I haven’t lost the ability to act, but as a result of Powerchange coaching I have lost the disbelief in myself and the need to put on that act.

Lots of people, like me, have had experiences in life that make us think less of ourselves and our ability. Andrew has found which experiences were doing this to me and changed my perception of them.  The self doubt has gone and if a glimmer of it thinks of coming back I’m able to rationalise why I can do something rather than can’t.

Recently I was asked to provide a brief proposal and costs on an urgent project. The old me would have thought I haven’t worked in that market sector I can’t possibly do that. The new me looked at the opportunity rationally, and realised that I’d only been approached as the client recognised I had the skills and ability to do the job.  I’m in the midst of the project, enjoying working on something new and feel I am adding value for my client.”