Watch Out for Session Three!

"After having a really tough few years I found myself a bit lost. I was anxious, lacking in confidence and finding letting go of recent (and not so recent) events very difficult. Counselling had helped me to a point and had started to get me back on an even keel but I was far from content. 

Then I signed up for some coaching sessions with Andrew Sercombe at Powerchange.

I felt buzzing after the first two sessions. I felt empowered being able to focus on me, and only me, for a whole two hours. It was a relief to be able to talk through my sadnesses and struggles.

My language began changing: no longer did I pressure myself with ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’. But this was only the beginning and I had only scratched the surface.

The third session was hard work, frankly. I crossed a bit of a pain barrier and some uncomfortable truths were uncovered. I left feeling drained. I waited a while. I had some space. Andrew, my coach, gave me that space (thankfully I still had a fourth session to come) and then things started to click into place.

Within just a few months I’d started to feel like ‘me’ again. I’d started to be able to make gut decisions and trust these decisions. I’d started to put things behind me in the knowledge that I’m Okay. My confidence began to increase. I completely changed my career, completed a course that I’d previously felt very anxious about completing … and I passed my driving test first go (miracles do happen!)

Life is very different now. It took just 4 sessions. I still have ‘moments’ but I now have what I need."

Pippa. London.