Coach’s comment:

Jimmy Quinn was introduced to us by a company providing work experience for him. Quiet and withdrawn, he struggled in a business environment. The CEO of the company he was working with asked if I would coach him and we found a quiet hotel where we had breakfast and started to explore.

I normally start by finding out what a client actually wants, and some questions about self worth. Jimmy was struggling badly, so I went on to do what we call a ‘Separator’ (call me for an explanation on that!) and that immediately started to work.  A light was switched on in his eyes and he started to smile. Brilliant. "Job done!" I though, and proceeded to build the change thoroughly into his life. 

Reading his story again I noticed he refers to things HE will do when challenges face him.  There are always tough times in life and it is typical of our clients that they leave us with the resources to handle and move beyond such times by themselves.

This testimonial was written a while ago. We were in contact with Jimmy again recently and he is well and truly on course and going from strength to strength. No further sessions needed.

Well done Jimmy.

How Jimmy recovered his self-belief

My experience of Powerchange Coaching

I asked myself today what my experience of Powerchange coaching was like. What happened to me? How did it happen? How did I change? How do I now feel? How effective is Andrew Sercombe, the man who helped me out? 
I had never actually met anyone that practised the technique that Andrew used. My perceived idea of a life coach was someone who tells you what to do and how to best manage your time. I found out to my advantage that Andrew is not at all like this. 
Andrew didn’t attempt to tell me how to manage my time.  He restored and enhanced the self-belief that I needed. My life was resurrected, my negativity and bad thoughts were eradicated. I now feel like a completely new person – and no longer doubt myself.
I had three main problems when I went to meet Andrew Sercombe and in one hour he changed the way that I thought about all of these. I thought I never knew what to say to people, that I wasn’t a particularly great person and that I was a very jealous individual. Andrew resolved all of these for me by believing in me himself.
He gave me a gift for which I am extremely grateful. Andrew had faith in me and listened to me, he helped me see life for what it is and set me free of my insecurities and ‘inner demons’.  Its been two weeks since our appointment and so far my life has been fantastic. All I hope is that I continue going on this way.
If I ever start doubting myself again I will remember what he said to me and the way he made me feel – full of energy and a good person. If I ever feel down again I will remember what he said. Whenever I think about what Andrew said to me anything that may be worrying me disappears. I am still moving from strength to strength and enjoying my life more.  I am happy with myself and who I am. I communicate so much better with others. None of this would have happened without Andrew’s help. He gave me an initial push and showed great faith in me. He knows what he is talking about and knows how to do his job. He can make people free from their fears and insecurities, and help them change the behaviours that hold them back.
Since meeting with Andrew I feel happier about myself as a person. I don’t sit and think ‘What should I say?’ I just say it, I am becoming less jealous about my girlfriend and don’t hold onto my relationship as though it is all that I have. 
Andrew has made me look at myself and see that I am not a bad person. I have qualities that people may like. I am so grateful to him for the time he gave to me and the words he said to me. He had faith in me, and that has helped me take my life to a better place. I’ll never go back to my old ways.
Thank you, Andrew.  
Jimmy Quinn, student. 23.

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