The Money Seminar

The Money Seminar

In one sense this seminar isn’t initially about making money at all. It’s about how you are connected up with all the people around you, people you know and love, people who you care for – and how, as we work together everyone wins. And of course that includes money!

Connecting up with others and making sure those connections are benefiting everyone is what really matters. Psychologists tell us that the better connected you are, the richer you become –  and that usually means financially wealthier too.

So in this seminar:

  • We’ll introduce you to your ‘Money Machine’, explain how to work it, and show you its secrets. 
  • We’ll show you how you can use whatever resources you have (especially your mobile phone) to make the world we share together a more attractive place – happier, richer, more prosperous – more the way you’d like it to be ESPECIALLY when things are tough.
  • And we’ll show you how important it is that you PASS ON TO OTHERS free of charge, or making a profit (you choose!) the life-changing knowledge you learn.

If you’re concerned about the future, worried about the financial commitments you have, or simple want to know how to help others with theirs, this seminar WILL make all the difference.

Money Back Guarantee: If by lunchtime you do not feel you have had your money’s worth from the course, speak to me personally and we’ll refund you.