The Phobia Buster Workshop

The Phobia Buster Workshop

As many as 10% of the population are in the grip of a phobia -an uncontrollable automatic fear response that they don’t want.

Discover our Top Three ways of busting phobias – they are surprisingly easy to do when you know how. We want people who suffer from a phobia to come on this Course, so we can demonstrate how it’s done.

So if you have one or know someone who has (and they attend the Course!) we will give you a £25 voucher towards your next Powerchange experience.

The cost of the all day workshop (10am-4pm) will be £99 per head. However if you bring two paying guests, you will come free.

Become an official Powerchange Phobia Buster – or bring a phobia and its owner and watch it get busted!

Some Common Phobias:

• Fear of flying (Aerophobia)• Fear of Heights (Acrophobia)• Wasps, bees or flying insects• Fear of Rats• Fear of speaking in public (Glossophobia)• Men in grey suits!• Fear of Marriage (Gamophobia)• Eating disorders• Stuttering• Arachnophobia (Spiders)• Social Phobias (Fear of social situations)• Claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces)• Agoraphobia (fear of the inability to escape from crowded or public places)• Fear of Cancer (Carcinophobia)• Fear of failure (Atychiphobia)• Fear of Thunderstorms (Brontophobia)• Fear of the night (Noctiphobia)• Fear of Dentists (Dentophobia)• Fear of Accidents (Dystychiphopia)• Fear of Hospitals (Nosocomephobia)• Fear of gaining weight (Obeseophobia)• Snakes (Ophidiophobia)• Fear of Love (Philophobia)• Fear of feet (Podophobia)• Fear of Speed (Tachophobia)• Technophobia (Technology)• Fear of numbers (Arithmophobia)