The Powerchange Course

Valuable new perspectives on your life now and in the future – undiscovered treasure!

The Powerchange Course is a ten-session personal development programme for curious people.

Use it for groups and one-to-one coaching. Use it to develop yourself and your team. The course uses some advanced personal development techniques and works behind the scenes making your life more as you want it to be.

We have filled each 2-hour unit of The Powerchange Course with good things that have the potential to profoundly affect your life. You will get the most out of the sessions if you just let it happen.

As we work together you may find there are all sorts of things that are unfamiliar to you.  That’s pretty normal for a course like this, so if you are stuck at any time, or don’t understand something, please ask.  We are here to help you get what you personally would like from this programme.

The Powerchange Course is for:

  • Someone who is asking honest questions and ready to learn
  • Someone over 16 who wants to move beyond the status quo
  • Someone ready for a challenge or simply cannot stay here any longer
  • Someone excited (or taunted) by fresh ideas, thoughts and opportunities

Each session is facilitated by a trained Powerchange GOLD Coach who can offer group members individual private sessions if required. After all, each situation is unique and you may want to have some more personal time to consider your life. Your coach will be happy to help and able to provide specialist support for you and your future – it’s up to you.

A course like this one is a living thing. It is not set and rigid, so it is likely to flex, breathe, change and grow as we go along. It may well be a little experimental from time to time! Again, experience shows us that going with the flow will generally bring the greatest benefits for everyone. If you have friends and colleagues who you think will benefit from this programme, please let them know about it. We want it to be of value to as many people as possible.

Powerchange is the UK’s Personal Development Service™.  If you, or your friends, or your company want something that is different and powerful, you know what to do.



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