The SHAPE You’re In

Come and Join Us on the SHAPE Course.

Redefine your life and reshape the future

In the face of an uncertain future for us all, this transforming programme is designed to give you time, coaching and inspiration for the days ahead. The SHAPE Programme is not about trying harder, its about redefining how you are now and who you want to become.

Whether or not you’re optimistic about the future, you’ll experience a 2 days of hope, empowerment and encouragement.  We’re out to make sure you feel in better SHAPE for whatever lies ahead in an uncertain world.

The programme will run from 9.30am to 3.00pm each day. It will be held at The Ostrich Inn, High Street, Colnbrook, Berkshire SL3 0JZ. The price of £290 includes all materials, a buffet lunch and refreshments. It is currently limited to 15 people.

Imagine being curious. Imagine knowing that you can’t NOT succeed. You may find yourself surprised, relieved and somehow…reconciled. This Programme is designed with real people in mind – and it is personal. It’s designed for you.

You’ll have already noticed how your body’s muscles grow quite naturally in response to the physical activities you take part in, and weaken when you stop that activity.  Like pathways through the countryside which become easier to follow the more they are used (and become impassable if neglected), the pathways in your brain strengthen with thought-driven activity – and literally fade away with non-use.  Instead of battling with that living process, and potentially having to face guilt, defeat and low self-esteem, on your SHAPE programme we will show you how you can use your own latent power to redefine the SHAPE you’re in. Inside and out: brain, body and beyond.

Secure your place, call Lisa on 07539 001288

What people said last time:

“Fabulous Course! It would be so easy to assume this Course is about physical shape, mind shape or the external shape I’m in. The enlightening thing has been to understand the underlying Auto-Response system that directs our actions – and how stalemate arises as a result when we are stuck. Thank you so much.” Stephen L.

“I loved it! I feel confident in talking more about me and want to put into action these life-changing things to end negative cycles in my life by being honest with me. I am curious to find out what a free Blondelle can be like!”  Blondelle T.

“The questions in the SHAPE Programme are direct and precise. They have helped me to identify my stalemating behaviour and how it has been hindering my progress in using my skills as a Coach.”  Sandra N.

“I found owning the stalemating behaviour I had (note: had) very helpful. Also giving myself the resources I needed to change past experience into positive future behaviour left me with a sense of physical internal strength.” Teresa T.

“I have gained insight into one of my stalemates – a significant one. This will be important to me individually – as an employee, a church member, a mum, sister, friend, a Powerchange Coach and Partner.”  Valery H.

“I needed this Powerchange top-up! This Course has given me a better understanding of how our mind responds to events. This information will be very useful in my work and family life. Big thanks Andrew!” Renee B.