Young People – teens and 20s


Yes, you.  Life isn’t easy is it.

We understand the difficulties and challenges young adults have to handle in the 21st Century, though the truth is, we’re not going to pretend that we understand where you are coming from until you’ve told us.  Powerchange Coaches are very good at listening to what you really want to say, the stuff you can find impossible to communicate right now, and work with you from there. Having said that, we’ve loads of tricks and tips you’re welcome to to help you sort out your world.

What do we handle?

Relationships with parents, friends, teachers, boy/girlfriends. Most psychological health issues, eating challenges, self-confidence, courage, the past, the present, the future – it is unlikely that we’ll not have met it before – though there’s always the chance you might surprise us!

And we treat you as a serious sensitive adult, not a kid – if that’s ok with you (and expect you to treat us that way too).

Sometimes people worry about coming to see a coach, wondering what it might be like, etc.  Well, you can always text, email or call, and we’ll answer all your questions about your coaching before we meet.

Oh, and by the way…

…we’re not counsellors and this isn’t ‘counselling’, so don’t think we’ll get all … you know what I mean.  We’re not like that.  Much more down to earth and real.

Speak to you soon – or whatever.

Text/call:  07771631945, email

And please say who you are and how we can contact you. That’s part of being an honest person anyway,  isn’t it?