Your Coach Supervision

How supervised and supported are your coaches?

How much coaching-specific training have they had? A week? A day? A morning?
Who do they turn to for experienced support when they get stuck?
Who monitors their progress and benchmarks their coaching performance?

Coaches are often in the front line when challenges or personal difficulties surface, yet a lot of coaching and mentoring is going on in organisations with little or no back up, no professional supervision, no competent support, and no on-going training.

We can provide the same level of supervision and support for your team as we do for ours:

  • Confidential telephone, email and on-site solution-based support for your coaches
  • Knowledgeable and experienced supervisors
  • Benchmarking and CPD processes specifically for coaching
  • Assessment and Accreditation options
  • Coaching materials, from client contracts to coaching record sheets
  • Pay as you go or monthly contracts
  • Training to ‘fill in the gaps’ in your coach’s knowledge base

We’ll be pleased to discuss this with you or your training or HR manager.  
Just call or email us.

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