Founded on a powerful and strong foundation of seeking Truth, showing Love, and having individual Courage (TLC?), we go beyond the ‘tlc’ of ‘tender loving care’, and have chosen to come together as Powerchange Coaches and Associates, of every coaching level, culture and background, to inspire and emPower personal Change. For each other. For those in our personal lives. For our clients, friends and social groups. Online, and where we can, in the flesh and blood world of hugs, handshakes and hospitality, the Powerchange Community.

Like to be part of it? Great! To join in, get in contact with me, Andrew, and let’s see what happens! More.. Your Invitation!

The Powerchange Community is a subscription membership group for people who resonate with our values. If we have to eventually say ‘no’ to something that doesn’t fit our values or approach, reluctantly we will. I suspect the likelihood of that happening is pretty remote!