Powerchange Community:  a new adventure that might include you!

Summer 2023

Powerchange began at the very beginning of the 21st Century. For the last 23 years, many people’s lives have been empowered, through the work that I personally have done, and the courses full of people that have completed particularly the Powerchange Gold Coach trainings through these years. We’ve run trainings, coached individuals, developed powerful materials and some have seen an income into their financial lives.

It seems as if Powerchange has come of age and I’m looking to leave a legacy over these next ten years or so that transforms even more lives. (I’d like to help you do that too.) And why not?

To do this, I need to change the emphasis of Powerchange from the work of a few individuals to a wider community. In essence, that means that Powerchange.com moves from being my ‘company’ to being much more of a ‘community’. Hopefully we’ll all be good company too.

The focus to start with is an online Zoom Meeting on the third Tuesday of every month at 7.00pm UK time (BST/GMT) for an hour or so.  We may actually do more later. Maybe weekly eventually. It will have community share times, coaching demos, teaching, creative input, individual stories, and the latest Powerchange upgrades and updates, as well as contributions from guests if anyone will be brave enough! Confidentiality will be an expected given, though sadly these days not guaranteed. Ready to learn fresh new stuff?

The meeting will NOT have anything disrespectful, dishonouring or discouraging, and no overt ‘selling’.  I’ve no idea how many participants there will be, so we’ll stay flexible – and maybe have more groups.

Those who would like to be part of this are welcome to get in touch with me now and simply say “Yes, I’m interested” or even “Count me in.” There’ll be no pressure to join, or stay, though the chances are we’ll be delighted to have you. Phone or text (UK, ++44) 07771631945.

None of us is likely to make vast amounts of money from developing a community of life-changing people, so don’t make that assumption. Yes, we might do – but that’s not the point. Who knows what benefits might be involved? What you might gain as you give? Perhaps the community will be looking for a different sort of wealth, an investment that lasts into future generations.

Is this the sort of thing that you would like to be part of? We will be taking the resources and knowledge and skills that we’ve all developed over the last 10 or 20 years and finding ways to use them to empower personal change in our very needy world, starting with us.  The need is all around. Powerchange.com will become a community of trustworthy people empowering personal change wherever we turn up.

As I’ve chatted around a few close links in Powerchange, a little group is already forming with this ambition in view, and we’d like to extend an invitation to you to be part of this if you would like to be.

It’s an adventure.

I personally have no idea where this might lead, how long it might last, or in fact who might be leaders in the future. I’d like to do my bit to bring about a lasting ‘mature’ Powerchange from these first two decades of contribution.  I’m going to invest my time and skills to enrich people wherever I can.  No pretentions.  Just being ourselves.

From the very beginning, Powerchange has had an underlying spiritual foundation. IFor most of us, its values have been around our various understandings of God as our Creator, and a deep desire to seek Truth, act with Love and be individually Courageous (TLC!)  So no change there then. A great foundation on which to build, and perhaps a reason for Powerchange still being here and productive.

Today we have the technology and technicians(!) who will help this to work.  Powerchange Gold Coach Selina Gootjes (née Yeboah) will be helping me. Maybe you will too? We’ll be meeting on Zoom, to start with for an hour or two once a month. More later.

The Powerchange Community will be a ‘subscription-based private membership group’. The subscription will be £30 per month.  There’s absolutely no contract except that for everyone’s protection, those taking any part will be subject to the Powerchange Client Agreement. We want to encourage longer term participation and worthwhile friendships, and discourage dipping in and out. Let’s keep it unpretentious.

Would you like to join us? Although there will be more giving than taking for those involved, I’m determined that this will be a valuable experience for everyone. 

Get in touch with me. Phone or text, on 07771631945 so that we can catch up with where you’re ’at’ and have a worthwhile conversation about it all. Or email andrew@powerchange.com.  

Looking forward to having you on board.