There is a team around you

All our trained coaches have support available to them. One reason clients can choose a Powerchange Associate or Partner coach with confidence is that they know that this person IS supported. There is no reason to be stuck, not knowing what to do with a difficult coaching client. There is a team around you. And we’re committed to all our coaches’ continued professional development.

During your training

Come to the GOLD Coach Training, and you are supported throughout your time as a trainee. 

As an Associate

Join Powerchange as an Associate and you have available to you a monthly personal development coaching appointment and supervision support for your coaching.

At Partner level

At Partner level you are also supported with Partners’ Days, upgrade sessions, support for your coaching business, and all the benefits of a full franchise Partner, working shoulder to shoulder with others like you.

Powerchange isn’t just training, or coaching or any one thing. It’s a complete integrated service that is here to support your success, and your clients’ successes, well into the future.

This is only an outline.  If you are serious about coaching and want the details, simply get in touch.