Courses with…

NO exams
NO tests
NO ‘wrong’ answers
NO failing
YOU set the pace

Or alternatively…

Work better to time deadlines?
Motivated by the fear of failing?
Can’t stand ‘soft’ standards?

That’s fine with us.  We will agree challenging targets with you.  More…

Accelerated Personal Change

The Powerchange Academy was established in the summer of 2008 to bring together the training courses, coaching tools, and significant knowledge base of the Powerchange team into one learning environment for accelerated personal change.

Student Membership of the Powerchange Academy is open to all who are ready to own the Academy’s Affirmation. The Affirmation is focused on attitudes to life, learning and the future. We believe a person’s current attitude is far more significant than previous achievement. Attitude NOW is what matters, and will take you into the future.

Enrolment is not free. We believe that our life-transforming knowledge is highly valuable and is worth the personal financial investment of our students and needs to be both affordable and a worthwhile challenge.